The Challenge:

  • Napas’s brand awareness is not high enough, despite the fact that they have almost 100 million users.
  • The majority of consumers in Vietnam still prefers paying by cash.

The Mission:

  • Design a 2018 – 2020 communication roadmap for Napas to achieve the mission of “Cashless Vietnam”.
  • Raise brand awareness and trigger Napas usage among current card owners.

The Execution:

  • Promoted “Never miss a thing” philosophy for Napas and encourage card usage with the key message “Swipe Napas, never miss a thing”.
  • Optimized the power of advertainment to gain interests for 2 key products, POS & iBFT, and to increase earned media.
  • Built a cashless culture for the younger generation through almost 40 promotional offers, PR and influencer marketing tactics.

The Result:

  • Reached over 8.5 million and engaged 2 million users on Facebook and Google.
  • Viral video series reached more than 1.4 million views after one month launched.
  • Activated 237,000 Napas card owners to go cashless.
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